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Model 01-A

Bedrooms 3 Bedrooms
Total Area 1495 ft2
Bathrooms 2 Bath
Balcony Area 225 ft2

This model is available on floors:

Photos may not be representative of the chosen unit. They are designed to give a sense of the unit’s style only.

The Choice is Yours

Create a space that reflects your personal style with a choice of colours, materials, and finishes


salle de bain evolo nex
salle de bain evolo nex
salle de bain evolo nex


Cuisine condo Evolo NEX
Cuisine evolo nex
Cuisine evolo nex

A Sustainable Choice

Make an eco-responsible decision: live in Evolo NEX. Each unit in the tower includes water-saving plumbing devices, energy-saving lighting, a heat recovery ventilator and an individual air exchanger.