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Proment Corporation. Vision. Passion. Experience.

For 45 years, Proment Corporation has built more than 5,000 condominiums and homes and six riverside communities on Nuns’ Island. It pulled off a masterstroke by creating the Pointe Nord neighbourhood of L’Île-des-Sœurs, which is recognized as a vibrant place to live and is among the most popular around the city. Recognized for its many LEED-certified projects, the business advocates the best urban planning and sustainable development precepts in the development of its high-end residential projects.



“We love the view on the St. Lawrence and the nature near our condo. We also appreciate the local services: the bakery, restaurants, the bank, etc. Proment is a trusted developer. We know that it offers carefully constructed units that will increase in value.”


“This is the third residence that we have purchased from Proment. We have always been very happy with our purchases. I fell in love with the Pointe Nord neighbourhood as it offers an urban and modern life without the constraints of the city centre. Life is pleasant at Evolo. We appreciate the facilities: the swimming pool, the gym and the spa that we can use whenever we want.”


“We trust Proment, the team is made up of responsible people. They plan extensively and I see that they invest a lot in their concept. They are financially strong.”



Evolo X is LEED silver certified by the Canada Green Building Council


Evolo S is LEED silver certified by the Canada Green Building Council


Evolo2 is LEED Gold certified by the Canada Green Building Council


Evolo is LEED Gold certified by the Canada Green Building Council


Evolo 2 received two Domus awards: Residential Project of the Year and Green Award from the APCHQ


Evolo 1 received the Residential Project of the Year award from the APCHQ

The firm Jean-Pierre Bart has over 25 years of architectural practice and has been working with Proment Corporation for many years. The company specializes in the design of medium and high density projects. It is also the firm that has designed the most housing units in Montreal.

LEMAYMICHAUD brings together talented and experienced architects, designers, technologists and specialists. It has been waging on innovation, collaboration, revitalization and people ever since it was founded in 1979. Today, it shines at the national and international levels thanks to its projects that are as aesthetic as they are lively.

Projet Paysage is a firm that masterfully executes large-scale landscape architecture mandates such as large parks, hotel complexes and residential projects. It ensures the planning, conception, design and realization of projects while respecting existing environments.

A leader in the Canadian construction industry and a leader in innovation, the Pomerleau team works in a committed, collaborative, and sustainable manner to build the living environments of tomorrow. The company is committed to creating scalable buildings and sustainable infrastructures that adapt to the tastes and needs of the communities they serve.

Clairoux has offered its services and expertise in residential interior design to many developers for 13 years now. Its team of designers works closely with future residents to create units in their image and is also involved in the selection of decor, the design, the choice of materials and the final stages of completion.

Be at the forefront with Evolo NEX.